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This is the site for people interested in the ecology of small spaces
The ambition

It is my experiences, learning and beliefs that underpin this site. The more I  see first hand the wonder of our natural world, read about it and enjoy the work of the great wildlife educators, the more I want to pass on my understanding and insights.

Travel has allowed me to experience something of the magnificence of landscapes on five continents. I can only claim an appreciation of what I have seen. I am not claiming more knowledge than I can justify.

Against that background my first conclusion is that small local habitats and landscapes are important. The larger grander landscapes and habitats are themselves made up of smaller parts. The small local habitats are what we experience in our day to day lives. These small spaces are what most of us see most often, we may own them, we may walk in them, we may have some management responsibility over them.

It is a bold ambition. I would like this site to cause readers to think seriously about the predominant view that we humans have a right to manage nature to suit our preferences. Reflecting upon habitat destruction and climate change might cause us to  review our track record. Man is part of nature and not the owner of it. Thinking about our attitudes to small spaces may help us to get our minds around the bigger issues.

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