The services that this website and associated blog will provide are unique. My ongoing wildlife observations and records will be available to the local community and more widely as a case study for those with an interest in their own local small spaces - perhaps inspiring others to make their own observations and records (for posterity).

Using my local observations to illustrate situations that can arise in small scale land management and conservation a light might be shone on situations that arise elsewhere. In this way a dialogue can be encouraged, experiences shared and knowledge increased.

Observing and recording

When we notice and make records, in whatever form we prefer, we open the possibility of sharing with other enthusiasts and also create the opportunity to share records with wildlife organisations and academic researchers. 

We need wildlife

We are part of nature. The complex webs of life affect us and we affect them. There is mutual dependence.

As we come to appreciate our place in evolution and the natural world we become more respectful of all life forms.

Enjoying the beauty

There is of course an aesthetic and spiritual dimension to looking at landscapes and nature. Even if we opt for a more passive relationship with wildlife - choosing simply to look and listen - the contribution to our wellbeing is immeasurable.

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