A bit missing

My photos that follow kindly put an opportunity my way. This poorly looking old Malus shows that missing bits can add to a story. It sits on its own. It has obviously had tough and rough knocks but is hanging on. You could pass it by and dismiss it as old and adding nothing. Old is not always on a par with unworthy of a thoughtful nod.






















2018 was a harsh spring but brought many plants into such abundant blossom that it was a spirit lifting joy. Not just young plants but old guys such as this can claim our admiration. This particular floral worthy was standing its ground in similar condition in 2007 so not much to say about that but I do think that the amount of blossom that it has brought forth this spring is fascinating. 


On occasion from 2007 it has had fruit, small amounts that's all. If this blossom load did turn into a significant quantity of fruit our gnarly Malus would run the risk of a fall or a lost bough and a worrying prognosis.


I pray that grass cutting work will not undo it and working around it will bring caring and mindful thoughts to our contractors. I think it almost has a  bonsai quality to it. A work of art almost - product of wind and rain, rot and fungus but man's actions may bring additional risks. I pray not and will look for this happy sight in coming springs.


Cold wintry days, warming and sap raising springs, hot July and August sun with a fruitful autumn - how many annual turns still await our Malus?











































This particular blog post is a bit of fun. A bit missing - was about this particular personality sitting in our Park. I think it is charming in its way.


My words on this occasion omit what is a most common portion of our day to day words. Can you work it out? A bit missing isn't too disastrous for Malus or my musings is it but my brain has had to look for words that fit. If in doubt about this solution you may ask for a hint.









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